Hi, I'm Matt McGinnis, a web and mobile consultant in the S.F. Bay Area.

These are my preferred tools for building modern web and mobile apps.

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Non-geek translation: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ember.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Github, Android, iOS, and Phonegap


I'm based in the S.F. Bay area and specialize in building high quality MVPs for startups. One recent client, CareMessage.org was accepted to Y Combinator and another client was accepted to the Plug and Play accelerator after I built their apps.


In addition to full-stack development with Ruby on Rails and Ember.js, I will help you with product direction and feature development. I challenge clients to eliminate unnecessary features which results in cost savings and focused MVPs.


I'm a strong believer in automated testing which translates into a high-quality product with little to no user facing bugs. This gives my clients an extremely high level of confidence when adding new features and deploying.

Websites and Mobile Apps

WonderWe homepage image

WonderWe is a social platform for charitable contributions to non-profits. (Launch pending)

Stretch Timer image

Strech Timer Plus guides you through your stretches so you can relax instead of counting.

Chris King homepage image

Ecommerce site for Chris King bicycle components. (pending launch)

AppGator homepage image

App Gator is a mobile app review and recommendation site.

CareMessage homepage image

CareMessage provides patient event notifications and appointment remiders.

ReadyStatus.com homepage image

ReadyStatus.com provides automated notifications of site downtime and issues.

Hovee homepage image

Hovee is a ride sharing app for carpooling to work with associates.

Jurispect homepage image

Jurispect helps manage your company's regulatory exposure. (Launch pending)

Wagaroo.com homepage image

Wagaroo.com helps people find the perfect pet from responsible organizations.

MatchCodes.com homepage image

MatchCodes is a compatibility site helping connect people with shared interests.

Flooha.com video image

Flooha was a point and click way to easily build custom websites. (Now inactive)

FinalScenes.com mobile app image

FinalScenes would tell if a movie had an extra final scene. (Now inactive)

MobileIcons homepage image

MobileIcons.org is a one day project I built to save time creating mobile app icons for a Phonegap project.

MyRid.es homepage image

MyRid.es was an online garage to show off and discuss rides of all types. (Now Inactive)

Foreverlist.com homepage image

ForeverList was an experiment in cloning Craigslist with some key improvements. (Now Inactive)

MyRid.es mobile app image

The MyRid.es mobile app was a collaboration between myself and another developer. (Now Inactive)

Foreverlist mobile app image

The ForeverList mobile app was a collaboration between myself and another developer. (Now Inactive)