No Signup

No signup, account creation or login required. We literally don't have any servers.

No Data Collection

Your data is only stored on your mobile device and your exchanges. We cannot view or copy your data.

No Tracking

We don't track anything. Period. We don't know anything about you, what you do, or what you have.


Full Data Encryption

Your data is fully encrypted. Even with physical access, attackers cannot decrypt your data.

No Third-Parties

We will never transmit or share personal data or identifiers with third parties.

No Click Tracking

Ok, we already said no tracking, but seriously, WE DON'T TRACK ANYTHING!


Relax while you stretch

Set up your routine and relax while the app guides you through your stretches.

Switch Sides

Choose this option to automatically incorporate both left and right stretches.

Tone Control

Set an emergency passcode which will delete all of your data when entered.

Rest between stretches

Set an optional rest time between stretches

Pause without stopping

Pause the session without losing your place.

Charts and Info

View charts and historic info for thousands of coins.

Portfolio View

View all your investments and balances in a single, combined portfolio view.

Automatic Syncing

Automatic synchronization with your exchanges keeps your info up to date.


Orders & Trades

View order and trade history. Easily cancel open orders with a swipe.

Easy Connect

Scan QR codes provided by your exchanges to easily connect accounts.


Sort balances and coins by market cap, holdings, price, balance, etc...


Choose from light, dark, custom blue or auto-detect and use your phone's theme.

International Currency Support

Choose your default currencies from the top 34 world currencies.

Balance Percentages

View balances by currency or percentage

Hide small & zero balances

Remove insignificant balances and keep your screens clean.

We're constantly adding new options

Our backlog is full of options like theme customization, additional chart types, language internationalization, home screen customization, fake data passcodes and much more...